As stated in the mission statement, I provide a very customized, solution orientated advice. I do not waste time on impractical tax advice or good advice that you are not comfortable with or like. In taxes, as with anything in life, there is always more than one way to achieve your goals.

It does not matter whether you are a business owner or not. All tax advice eventually comes down to your personal situation. Here I excel in providing clients advice to fit you and your family needs. I work with you, the individual.

Lets be honest, all the estate tax planning in the world will not do anything for you personally. For estate tax planning to be effective you have to depart this world. So on a personal level, it does not save you any taxes and cost you money while here.

Then why do estate tax planning? You do estate tax planning to save your loved ones taxes and additional needless professional fees. I can help you pass along to your loved ones the largest possible estate after taxes.

In depth estate tax planning is not for everyone because not everyone will end up with a large estate. But, given inflation over time, the few assets you may have could be pushed over the limit and require your loved ones to pay estate taxes. So, it never hurts for all to sit down and review where you are today and where you are headed.

In estate tax planning, planning at a younger age tends to work better than when you are older and have arrived with estate tax issues. So, do not put off this often over looked area of the tax law.

When reviewing the worth of my firm, my value is not predicated on the annual tax savings you may see in the form of refunds, but the harder to measure savings in income and estate taxes you or your family will not have to pay. Along with this goes the lower professional fees in the future you will have with proper planning being done today.

To better service my existing and future clients, I am listed as a technical tax advisor to service other Certified Public Accountants with their own technical questions that arise in their respective practices. This service helps in keeping me current with tax issues not addressed continuously by my existing clients who may have these issues later in life.

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