I Provide Financial Statement Preparation That Only A Certified Public Accounting Firm Can Provide And Am Recognized By All Lending Institutions:

Compiled Financial Statements

Reviewed Financial Statements

Audited Financial Statements

I encourage my clients to have their financial statements prepared by us based upon generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) instead of what is known as the other basis of accounting. I find this is the most beneficial from a management perspective. Taxes are important, but I find tax basis statements causes management to miss important trends when evaluating their business.

One must keep in mind, if you do not have any profits in which to pay taxes, you will soon be out of business. You will no longer be your own master and will have to go work for someone else.

For all my clients who have bank lines of credit, I see to it that the bank gets timely financial statements so loans will be renewed and not called. I have, in all cases convinced the bank to accept either a compiled or reviewed financial statement over one that has been audited. This means a substantial savings in professional fees when I do not have to prepare audited financial statements. I find for a family owned and operated business, the additional cost to prepare audited financial statements over that of a reviewed financial statement is not worth the expense.

I provide what ever level of accounting services you require. From the annual adjustments to properly prepared financial statements or tax returns to preparing your checks and banking items. I work with the accounting system you already have in place. If your personnel only process checks and deposits I will then create the general ledger. The general ledger is the first step in understanding your financial position in which to improve or maintain profits. Alternatively, I can accept your unadjusted general ledger numbers and do what has to be done to prepare the financial statements and tax returns.

I am available to advise you on the accounting systems, software and hardware you may need to run your business.

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