I always remain available, regardless of the time of year, to provide consulting on whatever topic you may require. I am not one of those public accounting firms that say call me after April 15th. When you need assistance you need it now, not when it is most convenient for the public accounting firm.

No one firm can be all things to all people. Given that I know the most about you over that of any other advisor, I am the best place for you to start. If your request is something outside my area of expertise I will so inform you. In these situations, I also know where to go to get the required advice.

I can obviously provide management services in the accounting area. These services range from picking and designing the system to running and managing it. I am also available to do marketing studies, cost studies, handle personnel issues. I am available to act as successor trustee under your will or trust or take over as guardian should the need arise.

I always remain available to act as your independent agent. I can act as your unbias lead negotiator in buy and sell situations, insurance bids or company financing negotiations. I am available to be used as your intermediator when dealing with third parties or in situations of family disagreements. I negotiate on your behalf but I do not accept offers on your behalf. All acceptances are entirely up to you and done by you.

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